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Holding a joey

After going to Uluru we came in to Alice Springs. In Alice Springs we visited some of our friends.

They were looking after a joey Red Kangaroo. When we visited them the joey was hopping around their backyard. When I had a hold, it licked me and felt warm. It didn’t have much fur. When it is older, it will grow to be very tall – about twice as tall as me. It was so cute.

View from the Panorama Walk at Trephina Gorge

Next we went to Trephina Gorge, where we saw the biggest ghost gum in Australia. We also went for a walk along the Panorama walking track. The track was very rocky and steep. If you are afraid of heights, I would not suggest you go on the walk. It was great fun. We walked through a dried creek bed. The sand was so hot.