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Animals I have seen on this trip

The wonderful thing about going on a holiday is that I get to see lots of new animals. So far we have seen lots of pelicans in Berri and as we travelled further north, we saw lots of kangaroos and emus. There have been lots of cows, horses and other cattle crossing the roads. In Kakadu we saw lots of saltwater crocodiles. The crocodiles were catching fish in the East Alligator River. As we got closer to the coast, we saw lots of seagulls and other coastal birds.

There have been lots of lizards on walking tracks and around campsites. Here are some photos of the lizards I have seen.

We saw whales swimming off the coast of Cape Leveque. They were heading South, to Antarctica. I went snorkelling and saw lots of stripy fish and coral. I went up to Monkey Mia and we saw lots of dolphins and I got really close to one. While I was at Monkey Mia, I spotted a Green Turtle swimming near the jetty.

Monkey Mia dolphins

4 thoughts on “Animals I have seen on this trip

  1. But what about all those other animals you’ve seen…like mozzies and flies???? Do you love them too?

  2. Mieke I have been enjoying reading this post. It gives me an idea of what you have been seeing on your travels. The topic you chose and the way you have written make it very entertaining reading.
    Thankyou for all the work you have put into it. How about writing a song or a round to sing about the animals? Libby has a piano, we could sing it at her place. Love NB xxx

  3. Good gob Mieke

  4. Hi Mieke,
    All the animals are so cute but not so much the crocodiles
    Hope you are having a great time
    Love from Mia

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