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Holding a joey

After going to Uluru we came in to Alice Springs. In Alice Springs we visited some of our friends.

They were looking after a joey Red Kangaroo. When we visited them the joey was hopping around their backyard. When I had a hold, it licked me and felt warm. It didn’t have much fur. When it is older, it will grow to be very tall – about twice as tall as me. It was so cute.

View from the Panorama Walk at Trephina Gorge

Next we went to Trephina Gorge, where we saw the biggest ghost gum in Australia. We also went for a walk along the Panorama walking track. The track was very rocky and steep. If you are afraid of heights, I would not suggest you go on the walk. It was great fun. We walked through a dried creek bed. The sand was so hot.

9 thoughts on “Holding a joey

  1. Dear Mieke, Maybe you could get a pet joey when you get back home? You look very comfortable with it. It sounds like it is quite hot weather there. Today it has been hailing in Ballarat so I think you are lucky being in the hot weather. Today Summy took that letter that you wrote on that big map to show the class. How is Cosi going? I had an idea, if you get bored when you are all in the car you could make up rap songs about each other. Suraya makes up rap songs about me but Summy wont do it. I make up rap songs too, mostly about Ben or about picking up stuff around the house. Anyway, Hello to your Mum and Dad Love Crystal xxx

  2. Dear Crystal, There are already lots of kangaroos around my house, so perhaps we could keep one of those as a pet. Thanks for taking the letter in to school. I have just written another email to the class also. Cosi is good. Yesterday we rode our bikes on Cable Beach, on the hard sand. Then we went for a swim.Please say hi to Summy. From Mieke.

  3. Oh Mieke, what big ears the joey has. Does it still climb back into its mother’s pouch some times?
    If I had a pet I think I would have something smaller that wasn’t going to grow taller than me. It sounds as though the panorama walk would have good views.
    My suggestion for a painting activity with Cosi is this. Get some of the coloured sand and grind it between two rocks until it is very fine. Wet it with your paint brush and use it like paint. You could try the same activity at different camp sites and see how the colours vary.
    Thanks for your interesting post. Love Nana Barbie xxx

  4. You tell a beautiful story Mieke, sounds amazing. X Nanna Robbie

  5. love your post it is wonderful

  6. Hi Nana Barbie,
    The joey was an orphan and didn’t have a mum. Our friends had a pretend pouch they used and the joey climbed into that.
    Love Mieke.

  7. Hi Nana Robbie,
    Love, Mieke.

  8. Hi Mieke,
    Cut Joey And a lovely post!

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